Common questions

Where can I find additional details about the Free Trial?

2021 Free Trial Summary

Is there a setup fee?

No, the setup fee is waived for the FREE trial.

How long is the Free Trial?

3 months

What is the upgrade going to cost after the Trial?

We are running an Early Upgrade for only $100/year per MLO.

If I upgrade early, do I get to finish my trial?

Contact support via chat and we will add the remaining trial to your renewal.

Where get a demo and ask additional questions?

Sign up for one of our frequent demo webinars at Introduction to Webinars

What happens to my clients if I do not upgrade before the end of the trial?

Any active registries or campaigns will play out. However, you will be unable to invite new clients to the app.

Can I cancel and delete my info?

Of course, you can cancel the active plan from the Manage Subscription menu and reach out to support via chat regarding confirmation of account deletion. If there are active registries or campaigns, the Partner account cannot be deleted unless those clients are reassigned.

Where can I find more Sales Frequently Asked Questions?

Click on the lower right FAQ widget and ask away, and go here Sales FAQ

Where can I contact someone about compliance related questions?

Email compliance questions at [email protected], putting Compliance in the subject line. We may want to schedule a call.